Pablo Abdala

Pablo Abdala on National Adoption Day: “The improvements are visible”

Pablo Abdala, who serves as the president of the Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU), expressed himself through his networks on the national day of adoption. The hierarch stated that “When the bond is broken, it is the alternative so that children can live as a family.” He also indicated that it is the possibility of “enjoying filiation rights.” He maintained that from the INAU “improvements are visible, but we are going for more.” He added that “These issues test the quality of societyAbdullah said.

In our country, the INAU is the body that regulates and is in charge of implementing the processes of adopting young people. While the Adoption Department is in charge of executing and supervising the policies to be followed in terms of adoptions.

For people who find themselves with the idea of ​​carrying out the adoption, the institute provides support through professionals on these issues.

In our country, the adoption process consists of several stages: Interview, Registration, Study, Single Registry of Applicants (RUA), Tenure and Legal Advice. For the case of the interview. it is mandatory and is scheduled only via the web. The web agenda is enabled on the last Tuesday of each month. Registrations will only be carried out by the institute if all the necessary documentation that is covered by the adoption law is contemplated.

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