Oscar Caipo: "What we have to recover is social peace"

Oscar Caipo: “What we have to recover is social peace”

The president of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (), Oscar Caipo, met this week with the Minister of Labor, Eduardo García. In conversation with Perú21TV, he explains what the meeting consisted of and what expectations they have for the year 2023.

They have met with the Minister of Labour. How was that meeting?

Indeed, we have been with the minister; We have gone with a delegation from some of the unions that make up Confiep. There have been eight people representing seven unions of the 22 that make up Confiep. It has been a cordial, initial meeting to get to know each other, to listen to each other and to be able to convey our concerns and expectations of what we think the management and role of the MTPE should be in this new phase that is beginning with the government of President Boluarte. And also to listen to the minister about what his proposals are.

Was the issue of outsourcing and collective relations decrees addressed? Did you notice a position for or against on the part of the minister?

We didn’t go into that level of detail, but we clearly saw a different space. The mere fact of being able to put our point of view is already a good start. So, it is a good start to listen, to understand the problem, because that is the beginning to solve the problems. At this time, as we know, the supreme outsourcing decree is not in force based on a resolution from Indecopi; there are also popular actions in the Judiciary that are awaiting a pronouncement. So I think that also, from a legal point of view, that could eventually be resolved.

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Is the challenge for 2023 going to be mainly the recovery of confidence?

Clearly, what we have to recover is social peace, in the first place. With the events we’ve had in recent days, that’s going to be the priority. Let’s just say that between Christmas and New Years things have calmed down. Let’s hope that the population, regardless of the claims they may have (…), appreciate being able to live with stability, being able to travel, being able to work, being able to deal with emergencies, not losing crops in the agricultural sector, that tourism can be resumed reactivate quickly despite the fact that it is said that about 80% of Cusco’s reserves have been lost.

What opinion does Mr. Contreras generate in you as Minister of Economy?

We had the opportunity to meet him when he was deputy minister, when Mr. Burneo was there (as a minister in the MEF). He (Contreras) had been one of the members of the team that worked on the Impulso Peru plan. It was the first time, after practically 14 months, that a specific intersectoral economic reactivation plan was presented for large, medium and small companies (…). We see the appointment as positive because it speaks of continuity. That Impulso Peru plan had already been landed in bills that have already passed through Congress today or are already in the process of being discussed and approved.


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