Ortega imprisons the son of persecuted politician Ana Margarita del Carmen

Ortega imprisons the son of persecuted politician Ana Margarita del Carmen

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo continues with its repressive escalation against the Nicaraguan opposition, this time arresting Gabriel Lopez del Carmen34, son of the activist and member of the Unión Democrática Renovadora (Unamos), Andrea Margarita del Carmen Ibarra, who is also persecuted by the regime.

Gabriel López became one more hostage of the Nicaraguan dictatorship, because the new tactic of the Ortega Murillo is to imprison the relatives of opponents in case they do not find the person they want to “kidnap”. Lopez del Carmenthe police who are looking for is his mother and not finding her, they took him prisoner.

«My son Gabriel, a political prisoner held in El Chipote as a hostage. Arrested and accused just for being my son and being in my house when they came to try to arrest me », denounced Andrea Margarita del Carmen Ibarra, in her account of Twitter.

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He stressed that he “sees” the Ortega Murillo regime “on the verge of desperation when they hold family members hostage.”

The arrest of Ana Margarita del Carmen’s son is added to the “kidnapping” of the Nicaraguan French women, Jeannine Horvilleur Cuadra and her daughter Ana Álvarez Horvilleur, who were detained by the Ortega Police when they were looking for the opposition Javier Álvarez Zamora, husband and father respectively, who managed to leave Nicaragua to request international protection.

They accuse him of “treason against the country”

On September 30, the justice of Daniel Ortega presented a formal accusation against Gabriel López del Carmen, who is charged with the alleged crime of “conspiring to undermine national integrity,” under Law 1055, the Sovereignty Law, legislation with which the dictatorship has imprisoned several opposition leaders.

According to case 021724-ORM4-2022-PN, the prosecutor Andrea del Carmen Salas Gómez was in charge of presenting the accusation against Ana Margarita’s son. The case will be processed in the sixth criminal court with Judge Rolando Salvador Sanarrusia Munguía.

The number of political prisoners of the Ortega Murillo regime increased to 219 until September 2022, including religious leaders, reveal updated data from the Mechanism for the Recognition of Political Prisoners.

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