Piracy of series and movies has increased brutally in 2022, and inflation is not to blame

UK analytics firm MUSO has published its report on hacking in the first 8 months of 2022, and the increase is very significant. Global piracy has increased by 21.9% so far in 2022, but in the case of movies, it rises to 49%. And in the television series, 11%. What’s going on?

Logic tells us that in 2022, with the end of the pandemic and people leaving their homes en masse to go on vacation, for drinks or to enjoy the city or the countryside, piracy should have decreased. But it has been the opposite.

The British firm MUSO publishes several reports on piracy a year, and the one for the first eight months of 2022 is devastating, especially when it comes to movies and publications.

Piracy of movies, series and software increases in 2022

Between January and August 2022, there were 141.7 billion visits to pirate websites, which represents a 21.9% increase compared to 2021.

Only music piracy has hardly grown, remaining in a 3%. And this is going to be a key clue to understand the causes.

On the other hand, movie piracy increased by no less than 49%, while television and software (video games and applications) remained at 11%:

What people pirate the most are the series, which accumulate 46.6% of the traffic. Movies only 12.4%, and software around 6%.

The days when there are more visits to pirate websites are Saturday and Sunday, which indicates that people go during the weekend, when they want to see something without paying.

An interesting fact is that most pirates know where they have to go to find what they are looking for: 61.5% of visits to pirate websites are direct visits, and only 28.4% arrive through search engines, social networks, emails, etc.

53.9% of pirated content is seen in streaming, either on direct access websites, or through IPTV lists. 46.1% are downloads through torrents, or paid storage services such as Filejoker, Keep2share, etc.

Finally, the countries that pirate the most are the United States, Russia, India, China and France. Spain has a medium piracy rate, and does not enter the Top 15.

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