Oriente Petrolero and its ‘paternity’ before Blooming in the professional era

Oriente Petrolero and its 'paternity' before Blooming in the professional era

May 4, 2023, 10:35 PM

May 4, 2023, 10:35 PM

Oriente Petrolero will seek to maintain the advantage in the record against Blooming. The twelfth date of the League will have Clásico Cruceño number 197 as a key match. The statistics show that the refiner starts with a wide margin of victories.

The oil Oriente won 78 of these matches that are accounted for since the start of the professional era. Blooming barely reached 58 victories, while they accumulate 60 drawn games.

The albiverde even leads the table of goals scored with 294 points in his favour, when his greatest rival reached 254.

In recent history, the trend and refinery dominance is valid. Of the last 10 games, Oriente won five, Blooming won two, and tied three times.

The largest difference in these crashes was in 2021where the refiner was guided by Aléxis Ribera (1-0 at 68′) and Henry Vaca who got involved in the goal against Walter Rioja (85′) and scored one more for the final 3-0 at 95′.

Carlos Bustos and his Blooming will face an Oriente Petrolero without a fixed DT,
since Hoyos would assume after the Classic. Leo Eguez will remain in the refinery technical direction.

The last game was albiverde. The Academy fell in the last minute of the game with a goal from Jorge ‘Coco’ Correa, player who may not be in this match, due to a knee injury (most likely he will enter the operating room).

The crash is scheduled for that starts this Sunday at 20:00, at the Ramón ‘Tahuichi’ Aguilera Costas stadium.

Statistics: Victor Quispe

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