AN will initiate an administrative investigation against the mayor of El Tigre

The National Assembly (AN) will immediately initiate an administrative and political investigation against the mayor of El Tigre, Anzoátegui state, Ernesto Paraqueima.

This, after his discriminatory sayings against boys and girls with the condition of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The mayor, through a radio program, described a mural painted in the municipality as “horrifying, frightening and horrible”, and he also wondered if “they had painted it with their paws”.

“Who painted that so hideous? Who did that? They tell me that it was the Asperger children. What did they paint it with? With the legs? What did they try to do? A landscape of what? What a horrible thing!” said the mayor.

Given these statements, the president of Parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, pointed out that the investigation of the AN will be carried out from the Permanent Commission on Internal Policy.

“This AN, this board of directors, decides to immediately initiate an administrative and political investigation by the Internal Political Commission, and instructs that the investigations proceed immediately to their final consequences,” said Rodríguez.

In the same way, a special Commission chaired by the First Vice President, Deputy Pedro Infante, was appointed to request before the Public Ministry the initiation of investigations to put an end to so much injustice.

The commission is made up of Asia Villegas, Mercedes Sánchez, Rodolfo Crespo, Yuramic Quintero, Arelis Orta, Grecia Colmenares, Miloa Delgado, Dayana Lapente, Lemark Gómez and Juan Carlos Alvarado.

Similarly, the members of this commission were authorized to withdraw from the session to meet immediately with the Attorney General.

During his participation, Rodríguez questioned that the different expressions of hate against society have been overlooked.

“To me when I saw unfortunate on several occasions, the profane expressions of this citizen, future former mayor. We let him run a lot, we let him run too long, when he insulted women from the popular sectors, we should have been there, when he did it again, we should have acted, we should have said something, until it occurs to him to humiliate, insult children with the condition of autism spectrum disorders”, he stressed.

In this sense, he recalled that from the AN – at the end of April – the Law for People with Autism Spectrum Disorderwhere “the protection of people with the condition of TEA” is provided.

“The law obliges him to fulfill the function of being co-responsible in the defense of people with the autism spectrum, and he does exactly the opposite. Furthermore, in a panic, this morning he recorded a video asking for forgiveness, and he violates the law because he says that one of his officials is on the autism spectrum, violating the law, ”stressed the president of Parliament.

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