Oracle anuncia nuevos servicios de IA para Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Announces New AI Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) artificial intelligence (AI) services, which will allow developers to use AI services in their applications without the need for specialized data science knowledge.

These new OCI AI services give developers the option of leveraging out-of-the-box models as they have been pre-trained for business-oriented data or customized services, based on the organization’s own data. The six new services will allow developers to perform a series of complex tasks, from language to computer vision or time series forecasting.

Today’s companies need AI to accelerate innovation, assess business conditions, and deliver new customer experiences. However, they often run into implementation issues such as a shortage of data science expertise, difficulties in training models on relevant business data, or getting their platform to work in an active environment or eliminating data silos. As a result, companies spend valuable time and resources when what they need is AI that is consistent, responsive, and capable of working across their business applications and operating environments, delivering concrete results.

“It is essential that organizations succeed in turning the possibilities that AI promises into a practical implementation that generates real benefits,” said Greg Pavlik, CTO, Oracle Cloud Platform. “Because of our industry-leading expertise in enterprise data and applications, our next-generation cloud infrastructure, and our deep commitment to building AI solutions and services, Oracle is the organization best equipped to maximize the value of intelligence artificial”.

Its long history as the leading provider of business applications with the most comprehensive offering of cloud applications enables Oracle to offer preformed AI services to provide immediate value to businesses in a wide range of use cases. New fully managed AI services include:

  • OCI language: performs text analytics at scale to understand unstructured text in documents, customer feedback interactions, support tickets, and social media. With built-in pre-trained models, OCI Language eliminates the need for machine learning expertise and enables developers to use sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, text classification, named entity recognition, and more in their applications.
  • OCI Speech: provides automatic speech recognition using pre-built and trained models from thousands of native and non-native speakers to ensure real-time speech recognition. OCI Speech enables developers to easily convert file-based audio data containing human speech into highly accurate text transcripts. In addition, it can be used to generate subtitles in workflows, index content and improve audiovisual content analysis.
  • OCI Vision: provides pre-trained computer vision models for document analysis and image recognition tasks. It also enables users to extend the models to other customer and industry specific use cases, such as scene monitoring, defect detection and document processing with their own data. OCI Vision can be used to detect visual anomalies in manufacturing processes, extract text from forms to automate business workflows, and tag items in images to account for products or shipments.
  • OCI Anomaly Detection: offers business-specific anomaly detection models that identify critical irregularities early, thus speeding up resolution and reducing disruptions. OCI Anomaly Detection provides REST APIs and SDKs for various programming languages ​​that developers can use to easily integrate anomaly detection models into business applications. It is based on the patented MSET2 algorithm, which is used around the world in highly sensitive situations, such as monitoring the condition of nuclear reactors, and can be used to detect fraud, predict equipment breakdowns, and collect data from multiple devices to anticipate failure. appearance of errors.
  • OCI Forecasting: delivers time-series forecasts using machine learning and statistical algorithms, without the need for data science expertise. OCI Forecasting enables developers to generate accurate forecasts in relation to their key business indicators, such as product demand, revenue, and resource needs. All of these forecasts have confidence intervals and explanatory power to help developers make the right business decisions.
  • OCI Data Labeling: Helps users build labeled data sets to train AI models. Users can collect data, create and examine data sets, and apply labels to data records using public APIs and user interfaces. Tagged data sets can be exported and used for modeling development across many of Oracle’s data science and AI services, including OCI Vision and OCI Data Science, ensuring consistent modeling.

OCI’s new AI services constitute a core element of Oracle AI: a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science including Oracle Digital Assistant, as well as OCI Data Science and Oracle Database Machine Learning, which are used to create, manage and deploy machine learning models. Organizations around the world are turning to Oracle AI to safely automate their operations, drive innovation, and make smarter decisions.

Customer and partner opinions

Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is a premier Australian institute focused on medical and biological research, as well as a registered charity. “Identifying the effect of different treatments on tumors is one of the pillars of our research in curing childhood cancer,” says Pablo Galaviz, senior data scientist and bioinformatician at Children’s Medical Research Institute. “In addition to OCI Data Science, we use OCI Vision and OCI Data Labeling services to categorize the effects these treatments have on cells. First, we label images obtained from microscopes with OCI Data Labeling, and then we use OCI Vision to automate the process of detecting different types of cells. In this way, we use the Oracle platform to achieve our research objectives efficiently. ”

SS Global is an innovative transportation company that offers a broad portfolio of logistics solutions and services. In the words of Sunil Sharma, CEO of SS Global LLC, “our customers in the transportation sector collect data on vehicles, loads, drivers and other environmental conditions such as traffic.” Identifying anomalies in real time is key to delivering the desired level of service, so we were looking for an attractive error detection solution. We opted for the OCI Anomaly Detection service given its ability to determine anomalies in complex multivariate data sets and because of the significant investment Oracle is making in this AI service. ”

Bosch Service Solutions is a leading global provider of business process outsourcing for complex business processes and services. As Kiria Fernandes, Chief Operating Officer at Bosch Service Solutions Brazil, told us, “As a call center service provider, at Bosch Service Solutions we combine OCI AI services from Digital Assistant and Speech to allow our clients to have natural conversations with BETO , the Bosch cahtbot. Thanks to OCI’s AI services, our clients can communicate with us in Portuguese using voice commands to carry out actions and obtain the expected results, thus enriching the user experience with conversational AI, simplifying interactions and improving the productivity”.

NVIDIA is a pioneer in accelerated computing and artificial intelligence. “By providing high-performance GPUs to our customers in a fully managed manner for notebook sessions, projects, and model deployments, Oracle AI Services and NVIDIA deliver the benefits and experience customers are looking for,” said Ian Buck, Senior Vice President and CEO of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “Combining OCI and OCI Data Science AI services with NVIDIA RAPIDS enables data scientists and developers to accelerate machine learning and data science pipelines end-to-end on NVIDIA GPUs, much more than they could using Traditional CPUs ».

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