Operation Sable: they locate an alleged murderer and a man for aggravated robbery in Colón

The National Police and the Public Ministry carry out Operation Saber in the province of Colón, apprehending two people, including a subject required for the crime against Life and Personal Integrity in the form of Homicide.

The search and search procedures began in the early hours of this Friday, May 5, 2023, first locating a man who, when verified, has an official letter pending for the crime against Economic Heritage in the Aggravated Robbery modality.

Likewise, another man was apprehended, this one requested for his alleged relationship to investigations for the crime of Homicide, a fact recorded on April 21, 2023 in the Nuevo Colón sector in the township of Sabanitas.

Both apprehended are sent for the procedures corresponding to orders of the Homicide and Femicide Prosecutor of the province of Colón

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