CNN: Venezuela goes to the Argentine justice system to oppose the seizure of an Emtrasur plane

US Justice ordered the definitive confiscation of the Emtrasur plane

Judge Randolph Moss, in the US, ordered the definitive confiscation of the Venezuelan Emtrasur plane that has been held in Argentina since June 2022, due to its alleged involvement in terrorist activities.

The Justice of the United States, through a ruling by Judge Randolph Moss, ordered the definitive confiscation of the Boeing 747 of the Venezuelan company Emtrasur, a subsidiary of Conviasa, after a first ruling was issued in October 2022 in this regard.

According to the newspaper The nation of Argentina, the judge acted at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, which has been requesting for several months that the aircraft be sent to the US since they consider that US laws were violated at the time of the sale transaction from Iran to Venezuela, since that the norm indicates the prohibition of negotiating US goods with companies within the lists of terrorism.

Now, during the next few days, the request will arrive to the Argentine Ministry of Justice, specifically to Judge Federico Villena, so that he executes himself on the Emtrasur ship that still remains in the South American nation.

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The defense of the Emtrasur company, dammed by Maximiliano Rusconi’s team, did not appear at the trial that was taking place on US soil.

However, a decision by the government of Alberto Fernández must be waited for the delivery of the Boeing 747 to the US or if it returns it to the administration of Nicolás Maduro.

But, Judge Moss clarifies that there is a treaty with Argentina that “governs mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and requires that the requested state [Argentina] will do everything possible to effect the notification of any document related to or forming part of any request for assistance made by the requesting state [EE.UU.] under the provisions of this Treaty.”

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The Court of the District of Columbia (United States) requested in October 2022 to the Argentine courts for the seizure of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane held at the Ezeiza international airport since last June and whose crew returned to Iran and Venezuela last week, after their lack of merit was decreed in the case.

The Boeing was put into service for the first time on January 23, 1986 and sold to the defunct French company called Union de Transports Aériens (UTA). Since 2007 it was owned by Mahan Air – the Iranian company that the US accuses of cooperating with the Hezbollah terrorist group – and in October 2021, Mahan Air transferred this aircraft to Emtrasur.

There is also a report which indicates that the Emtrasur plane could be used in a triangulation scheme used by Tehran to bring gold from Venezuelan territory and finance Hezbollah activities.

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