Increases the intention to vote for the "Yes" to repeal 135 articles of the LUC

Open letter to SI voters: “a retaining wall has been placed”


It was only possible to unite those 1,065,000 wills, as in November 2019, and even more, with the “blood, sweat and tears” of the simple and grassroots people who shouldered all the impossible. And one of those wills was yours. There will be time to draw conclusions, almost scientific, from everything that this day and is being patriotic is telling us. I feel that today first things are first: to be grateful for being one of those 1,065,000 compatriots, brothers, who left everything so that Uruguay would not go backwards in rights and freedoms, naturalizing privileges and preventing it from continuing to govern for an increasingly small handful of powerful, eager to increase their surplus value.

It is true -and it is not minor- that the LUC has not been repealed, and that it will not be a “story” that we are heading to lose Acquired Rights. It is not less to go towards a diminished Public Education, with a tendency to privilege Private Education, and with teachers excluded from directing it. It is not less that a Public Company will be outsourced and privatized by bits and will also be left to decline to discredit it before the people. It is not insignificant that police abuse and violence begin to be installed even more, against ordinary people, while Money Laundering and the financing of drug trafficking terrorism will continue to be facilitated. It is no less that the prisons will accentuate the schools of delinquency, overcrowding, and that they do not care about a primary prisoner than a long-standing thief. And of course, with the Business Chambers enchanted with life, government action goes for the drastic reduction of the Rights of workers, the cornerstone of the organized people. As certain as it will continue to be the reduction of Salaries and Retirements, the increase in the cost of living and the proliferation of Popular Pots for thousands of families that find it difficult to eat in a food-producing country. Lacalle has said it without shame: government for the “gold mesh.”

Consequently, in these next three years we will have to suffer this cruel attack and without anesthesia. What I would like to highlight, however, is that last Sunday a retaining wall was erected: 1,065,000 wills have said NO to this Project. And that these wills have an unlimited capacity for resistance. They just need direction and to be summoned. If this formidable force that is impossible to ignore begins to play the leading role to which it is summoned -and that the dominant sectors could lead to serious concern if it is activated- then it will be very difficult for the conservative and restorative project to come to fruition. It is very likely that we still do not have the magnitude of the qualitative step that we have taken with Sunday’s feat -despite this slight electoral defeat- seen from a strategic perspective and that of course goes beyond 2024.

In something essential we continue to refound the Broad Front because this success of the SI has been possible due to the close participation with the social movements of the widest heterogeneity. This is something that hasn’t happened in a long time. Politics began to change. For this reason, once again, thank you if you were one more, like me, of those 1,065,000 citizens who stood up on Sunday.

Carlos Fasano-Mertens

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