Cuba denies rumor about passport preparation procedures

The Directorate of Identification, Immigration and Foreign Affairs (DIIE) of Cuba today denied the rumor about an alleged impediment to request the preparation of a current passport for minors under 40 years of age.

A note published on the website of that entity of the island’s Ministry of the Interior, indicates that “false and ill-intentioned information circulates again, about an alleged impediment to making the request for the preparation of a current passport for people under 40 years of age in the paperwork offices of the country’s Minint”.

In this regard, the DIIE reiterated that “the channels and formalities established by the Law for obtaining a Cuban passport are maintained.”

He also suggested “to Cuban citizens, to disregard any information that is not published through official media and by the corresponding authorities.”

The note points out that the Cuban passport is an identity and citizenship document that, consequently, is issued to Cuban citizens residing in Cuba and abroad who request it.

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