Commercial aviation interest grows in the Dominican Republic

Commercial aviation interest grows in the Dominican Republic

In recent months, the Dominican Republic has been the subject of growing interest from the commercial aviation. In this year, the start-up of the airline has been announced arajet, of mixed capital; the Spanish Iberojet searches the country for pilots, captains and first officers; new air routes were approved and today the airline Plus-Ultra will launch Madrid-Santo Domingo operations.

At 7 p.m. this Thursday, executives from Plus-Ultra will launch the route that will operate four weekly flights to connect Madrid with Santo Domingo starting next July.

In August 2021, said airline received 34 million euros pending a financial rescue of 53 million euros in loans from the State Society of Industrial Participations (SEPI) of Spain.

According to the EFE agency, a Madrid court revoked the blocking of the second part of the ransom according to the criteria of the State Attorney and the Prosecutor’s Office, in favor of lifting the precautionary suspension of the delivery by not appreciating crime and to avoid lack of liquidity.

The measure had been taken by Judge Esperanza Collazos during the investigation for alleged embezzlement of that public aid granted to Plus-Ultraapproved by the Spanish Government in March last year, under the SEPI Strategic Companies Solvency Support Fund, created in 2020 to support companies that the covid-19 pandemic put in a difficult situation. hard.

EFE also reported that the majority of the company’s capital stock is Spanish, although some shareholders are Venezuelan or have dual Spanish-Venezuelan nationality. The airline, which began its activity in 2015, denied at the time the accusations that it had any connection “with Chavismo or other political regimes.”

In addition to Plus-Ultrathe Dominican Republic is waiting for the new airline arajet, of Dominican and foreign capital, as it has been announced as “ultra low cost”. It plans to allocate around 2.1 billion dollars to the purchase of 20 Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, an amount that could be increased to 4.2 billion dollars to acquire another 20 and complete an order for 40 new aircraft.

This week, the Civil Aviation Board also approved a request for a special permit in favor of the air operator Orbest and an amendment to the operating permit of the airline Spirit, who are expanding their operations to transport more passengers to Dominican soil.

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