Ombudsman calls for elections of the new representative of the victims poisoned by diethylene glycol

Those affected by the massive poisoning by diethylene glycol, will go to the polls, this Sunday, June 26, to elect the representative of the different victims’ organizations who will be part of the Monitoring Commission for the care of those `damaged by poisoning. mass with diethylene glycol and their relatives, attached to the Ministry of Health (Law 12 of April 7, 2015) said the Ombudsman, Eduardo Leblanc González.

Leblanc said that they installed a commission, made up of three officials from the Ombudsman’s Office, to establish the mechanisms for electing the representative of the victims or those affected by diethylene glycol. Those interested may write to: [email protected] There will also be a verification link for applicants.

“We already have the database of all the people who unfortunately were poisoned with diethylene glycol and in accordance with the Law we have to choose a representative person,” he said, noting that through email people can check if they can be elected or voters. .

According to Law 12 of 2015, the Ombudsman is empowered to call and supervise these elections that are part of the legislation.

To carry out these elections, the defender must first meet with the Center for Democratic Studies of the Electoral Court, to have the aspects to be considered in the Electoral Calendar, such as the preparation of the electoral roll, until the elections are held, as well as the modality of the vote to use.

There will also be meetings with the Legal Advice Offices of the Ministry of Health and the Social Security Fund, in order to have the necessary information on the accredited victims, based on Law 13 of 2010, modified by Laws No. 20 of 2013 that establishes the monitoring commission for the care of victims of massive poisoning with diethylene glycol.

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