Murillo praises his militancy: "They are heroes and defenders of peace"

Murillo praises his militancy: “They are heroes and defenders of peace”

Rosario Murillo, in her role as spokesperson for the Nicaraguan regime, took the opportunity to attack those who demonstrated against her regime in April 2018, stating that “peace is not burning, it is not burning,” at the same time praising the repressive work of his Sandinista militancy against opponents whom he called “heroes and defenders of peace.”

“Thanks to God and to all our people peace reigns. What days! What times these are! to celebrate the peace of our heroes of all times, heroes of peace, all the compañeros and compañeras who offered their sacred lives for the sake of the liberation of our people, heroes of peace, all those who have loved until the last consequences”, the deputy president stated in her telephone communication with official media.

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Murillo, who is accused by international human rights organizations of committing crimes against humanity, continued adding that “worshiping peace is worshiping Christ, it is being a Christian, worshiping peace is knowing brotherhood and solidarity, it is not destroying, it is not it is to set fire, it is not to burn».

Anti-government protests April 2018. Photo: Courtesy

The spokeswoman stated that the opposition intends to impose “cultural misery, material misery and spiritual misery, which is the most infamous, not being aware of what we are as Nicaraguans with sublime stories recognized throughout the world.” Murillo has intensified his hate speeches since April 1, the month in which the four-year commemoration of social protests against Ortega began.

«We are a good, calm people, where those other aggressive and destructive, hateful, abominable cultures have not been able to penetrate and if they do for a moment we have the strength of love to say behind Satan because Jesus always reigns here and it is Christian love. and solidarity that leads us to face heart and soul. Long live the heroes and warriors of peace,” concluded Murillo.

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This April 19 marks the fourth anniversary of the start of the civic rebellion in Nicaragua. While the Nicaraguan opposition prepared to demonstrate from exile, the Ortega-Murillo regime has tried not to mention the date directly and, in contrast, has decided to recognize the role of the Ministry of the Interior, made up of the questioned institutions National Police, Penitentiary System, Nicaraguan Army, Managua Mayor’s Office, Immigration and other dependencies that have served as executors of their repression.

The deputy dictator has attacked the Catholic Church, independent journalists, opponents and the United States Government, she has even subverted the Nicaraguan National Anthem to attack Nicaraguans.

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