NYC epicentro en USA viruela del mono; se dispara contagio Covid-19

NYC epicenter in USA monkeypox; Covid-19 contagion soars

NEW YORK.- This city is currently considered the national epicenter of the “monkey pox” outbreak in the United States. Likewise, the contagion of Covid-19 is triggered.

Last week, 6,000 doses of the 56,000 available throughout the country arrived for those affected by smallpox, and they sold out in the blink of an eye, the Department of Health reported.

The smallpox vaccine is administered by appointment only at the centers in Chelsea, located at 303 Ninth Avenue, between 26th and 28th streets, in Manhattan; and in Harlem, located at 2238 Fifth Avenue, between 136th and 137th streets, in Manhattan.

A third site, located at the Corona-Queens Sexual Health Clinic, is expected to open later this month. There are no appointments currently available.

The JYNNEOS vaccine has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of smallpox in people 18 years of age and older; it is given in two doses, at least four weeks apart.

As of July 8, 160 people in NYC had tested positive, a fifth of all cases in the United States.

This disease is transmitted through direct contact of an infected person, with clothing or bedding of someone contaminated, by respiratory particles, sexual intercourse or other intimate activities, oral, anal and vaginal sex, hugs, kisses, caresses and massages.

Due to Covid-19, the Department of Health recommends, once again, the use of masks indoors and in public spaces, regardless of your vaccination status.

The announcement comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has raised the danger level to high risk for all five boroughs.

According to data from the Department of Health, the percentage of cases is 15.4%. The number of cases per day is 3,541, the daily hospitalizations are 79 patients, and the daily mortality rate is 7, which is 2 more per day compared to the last few days.

Since the pandemic began, 6,371,819 people have died in the world, as of this Saturday, and 559,893,423 have been infected.

Of that amount, in the USA 1,045,740 have died, 90,273,079 have been infected, and 260,327,743 people have been vaccinated.

Of that number, 40,829 have died in the Big Apple, 2,592,197 have been infected, and 7,323,521 have been vaccinated.

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