Nubank and Banco do Brasil apps face instability

Nubank and Banco do Brasil apps face instability

Customers of Banco do Brasil (BB) and Nubank reported this Friday (4) instability in the institutions’ applications. The problems affected operations via Pix, which could not be completed for several hours, the use of cards and the view of balances, which disappeared from the screen.Nubank and Banco do Brasil apps face instability

In the case of BB, account holders were unable to make Pix transfers all morning. Problems with debit card purchases have also been reported. The problems started around 8:00 am, intensified around 9:30 am and were not resolved until around 2:30 pm.

Just before 2pm, the bank updated the app. During this process, the current account balance could not be viewed for about half an hour. Customers opening the app received a warning that some transactions could not be completed while the maintenance lasted.

Regarding Nubank, the flaws made it difficult to view balances, verify credit card bills and also affected operations via Pix. Complaints started around 10:15 am. According to the institution, services began to be gradually restored around 2 pm.

According to the website Down Detector, which monitors complaints about financial institutions, the peak of complaints related to Banco do Brasil occurred around 1:30 pm, with 501 simultaneous complaints. The main problems reported were in internet banking operations (59%), application login (24%) and transfers (17%).

In the case of Nubank, the peak of complaints occurred at 12:30 pm, with 387 simultaneous complaints. The most reported issues were difficulty viewing balances (67%), transfers (21%) and mobile app login (12%).


In a statement, Nubank confirmed the problem and said that services are being restored in the afternoon. “Part of our customer base found fluctuations in some services. We are focused on resolving this issue as quickly and efficiently as possible”, replied the fintech (type of electronic bank). “We regret what happened and inform you that operations are gradually returning to normal.”

Banco do Brasil also confirmed instabilities in the electronic service channels, but reported that the application already operates normally. “BB confirms that there was a brief instability at the end of this Friday morning. The app and all its transactions are working as normal this afternoon,” said the financial institution.

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