NTN24 will close its office in Caracas

NTN24 will close its office in Caracas

Pixabay- NTN24 will close its office in Caracas, a journalist reported.

The Colombian international media NTN24 announced the closure of its facilities in Caracas. However, it will maintain the correspondent office in Venezuela.

The information was released by the journalist Maryorin Mendezwho is director of content for NTN24 In Venezuela.

On her Instagram account, the communicator wrote: “The pandemic revealed many things, including Homework. The microphones of the correspondents will be as always where the news is, but the little house will no longer be”.

NTN24 says goodbye

Similarly, he thanked the members of the team, who helped in the growth of the communication medium within the country in its facilities located in El Rosal, Chacao..

Lastly, Méndez indicated, among other things, that “it is the team most committed to freedom that I will never know and from which I honored take the helm, to all of them all the glory.”

Until now, the media has not commented on this situation.

It should be noted that a year ago, Gonzalo Himiob, director of the NGO Foro Penal, reported on the release of journalists from NTN24 and the activists of the NGO Fundaredes.

Journalists Luis Gonzalo Pérez and Rafael Hernández were arrested when they arrived in the La Victoria town in Apure state to cover the clashes that took place during those days in the region.

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