Nicaraguans in Costa Rica demand that CABEI "immediately suspend disbursements" to Ortega

Nicaraguans in Costa Rica demand that CABEI “immediately suspend disbursements” to Ortega

Nicaraguan opponents exiled in Costa Rica protested this Thursday, March 24, outside the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), in San San José, to demand that entity not continue financing the Daniel Ortega regime.

The call was made by Movement for Change and Together for Nicaragua. It was joined by different organizations such as the Articulation of Social Movements, the Congress for the Unity of Free Nicaraguans.

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Benjamín Lugo, coordinator of Movement for Change, told Article that the objective of the call was to deliver a letter to the CABEI administration where they demand that it “immediately suspend all disbursements or approval of new credits to the Ortega and Murillo regime.”

«The Nicaraguan community organized and articulated in various spaces, acting in a unified manner in these proceedings, once again reiterate our multiple concerns regarding the economic flow that CABEI has been extending to the dictatorial administration of the Ortega and Murillo in Nicaragua,” details the letter.

CABEI oxygenates Ortega with loans. Image: Article 66

They point out that in Nicaragua there is permanent repression, “crimes against humanity, kidnappings, imprisonment of more than 170 opponents; media confiscation, university closures.”

“You cannot continue to oxygenate Ortega”

They also denounced the invasion and assassination of leaders in indigenous territories and Afro-descendant communities in the Caribbean of Nicaragua and the cancellation of more than 130 legal entities of non-governmental organizations, “which were intended to strengthen the development of the nation.”

“Given all this barbarism, it seems totally inhuman to us that this financial entity contributes to oxygenate the dictatorship, we would think that they are acting in complicity with the illegitimate administration of the Ortega and Murillo, whom more than 25 countries as honorable members of the OAS ignore. », reproached the opponents.

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They emphasized that they should not negotiate with illegitimate states or endorse crimes against humanity, “whose evidence is effectively supported by the latest report presented by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) and the Special Follow-up Mechanism for Nicaragua (Meseni ), in addition to the findings presented by the Rapporteurship for Nicaragua of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

Due to the foregoing, they demand that any disbursement or approval of new credits to the Nicaraguan regime be suspended. “Funds that oxygenate and nourish financially, and allow the dictatorship to continue and deepen the brutal repression against our people,” they mentioned.

Nicaraguans in Costa Rica demand that CABEI "immediately suspend disbursements" to Ortega
Nicaraguans in Costa Rica demand that CABEI "immediately suspend disbursements" to Ortega

Opposition in exile Costa Rica sue CABEI not to continue financing Ortega

The letter to the banking entity was received by Eduardo Trejos, CABEI representative in Costa Rica. “Many people attended and the objective was achieved, which was to continue demanding justice for Nicaragua,” Lugo said.

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According to the Movement for Change, in August 2021, this organization had sent a first letter to the Central American Bank for Economic Integration to stop “oxygenating” Daniel Ortega, however they had not been listened to.

For his part, the president of CABEI, Dante Mossi, ratified during his visit on March 15, for the inauguration of the entity’s headquarters in Nicaragua, his commitment to continue supporting the administration of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo through financing, despite the fact that the international community has rejected the repressive actions carried out by the Sandinista Executive, accused of committing crimes against humanity.

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