New Zealand: Air New Zealand will weigh its passengers before boarding the plane

New Zealand: Air New Zealand will weigh its passengers before boarding the plane

June 5, 2023, 10:40 AM

June 5, 2023, 10:40 AM

Weighing yourself before boarding a plane is the latest initiative from Air New Zealand. From now on, passengers departing from Auckland and traveling abroad they will have to get on a scale as part of an internal investigation.

Until July 2nd, Air New Zealand awaits weigh no less than 10,000 passengers departing on international flights. This study, already carried out on domestic flights in 2021, had surprised several passengers. However, the airline has assured passengers that the data will remain anonymous and that their weight will not be displayed when they are weighed.

The study was commissioned by the New Zealand National Civil Aviation Authority to improve safety during takeoff. Among the people likely to be invited to participate in the study are those traveling on the direct flight from Auckland to New York’s JFK airport, CNN reports.

“We weigh everything that goes on the plane”

Air New Zealand cargo control specialist James Alastair explains that “before every takeoff, The pilot must know the weight and balance of the loads on the plane.” “We weigh everything that goes on the plane: from the cargo to the meals on board, going through the hold baggage,” explains Alastair. And he adds: “For customers, crew and cabin baggage, we use average weights, which we obtain by conducting this survey.”

Health statistics also show that New Zealanders are weighing more and more. The country has the third highest obesity rate of the OECD countries, behind the United States and Mexico, with a third of its adult population considered obese.

Finally, the airline wants to reassure its passengers that the survey is voluntary and will help transport passengers more safely and efficiently in the future.

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