New section inaugurated on the Vía al Llano is the most modern work in the country: president of the ANI

He added that related to the Chirajara bridge, and this work that is delivered, although they are part of the same project, have different concessions.

“In fact, the Chirajara bridge is an infrastructure that collapsed four years ago at the beginning of 2018, and the situation that we found at the time was very complex, but 50% of it is already under construction and the following year it will be delivered” Gutierrez explained.

He pointed out that throughout the development of the section There were no closures or landslides as was the case previously.

“We have not had any type of closure again as a result of the falling stones because we have learned to manage the mountains and the corridor, a job has been done here very important in those years and fortunately there are the results”, said the president of the ANI.

Manuel Felipe Gutiérrez, finally highlighted that for the next government there are many projects underway and pending completion.

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“One of them is the section to reach Cajamarca, from the two bridges that we recently delivered, there are 20 kilometers that have to be executed, the same as the Meta road network, the fifth generation works that were contracted, the Magdalena trunk on the route of the sun, the Buga- Buenaventura road, 30 kilometers of a section that has not been carried out and that are part of a Master Plan carried out in 2015, so it is a State policy for the development of infrastructure in the next 20 years in the country, he pointed out.

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