Official inflation rises to 0.67% in June, says IBGE

The Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA), which measures official inflation, registered 0.67% in June this year. The rate is higher than the 0.47% in May and the 0.53% in June 2021. The data are from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).Official inflation rises to 0.67% in June, says IBGEOfficial inflation rises to 0.67% in June, says IBGE

In the year, it reached 5.49%. In 12 months, the accumulated IPCA reached 11.89%, above the 11.73% accumulated in May.

All nine groups of expenses registered inflation in June, especially food and beverages, with a price increase of 0.80%. Among the items with the highest increase are meals away from home (0.95%) and snacks away from home (2.21%).

“Like other services that had repressed demand in the pandemic, there is also a resumption in the search for meals outside the home. This is reflected in prices”, said the research manager, Pedro Kislanov.

Items consumed at home, such as long life milk (10.72%), the Pinto beans (9.74%), chicken pieces (1.71%) and French bread (1.66%).

Health and personal care (1.24%) also showed relevant price increases, driven by the increase in health plans (2.99%), and by transport (0.57%).

Among the items that put pressure on transport are diesel oil (3.82%), vehicular gas (0.30%) and airline tickets (18.33%).

Other groups had the following inflation rates: clothing (1.67%), household items (0.55%), housing (0.41%), personal expenses (0.49%), communication (0.16% ) and education (0.09%).

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