New clinic in Ibagué has vacancies for 600 workers

New clinic in Ibagué has vacancies for 600 workers

For 2018 the Secretary of Health of Tolima ordered the closure of the Esimed Clinic that operated in Ibagué. That was one of the main points of attention of the EPS Medimás.

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After four years of this closure, the building will be used again for health care under the name of Keralty Ibague Clinic. Paola Rengifo, president of the Colsanitas Clinic, told Pulzo that the property had been leased for 10 years. That is why it is up to this institution to invest in medical and biomedical equipment.

The official also clarified that they are contemplated 400 direct jobs and more than 200 indirect jobs for the operation of the clinic. “Faced with the selection processes, as the opening is projected for the third quarter of the year, we are carrying out a process based on the organizational profiles that can contribute to our operation,” he explained.

On the other hand, Sandra Fernández, regional manager of Sanitas Ibagué added that Medimás, after its closure, were transferred to Sanitas more than 20,000 affiliates. This EPS currently serves, under a contributory regime, citizens in Ibagué, Honda, Melgar and Girardot.

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Likewise, it extended its attention under a subsidized system to populations of Ataco, Natagaima and Chaparral. For now it has 135,000 users throughout the country.


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