Municipal officials coordinate aid in communities

Municipal officials coordinate aid in communities

The general secretary of the Dominican Municipal League, Víctor D’Aza, was commissioned by President Luis Abinader to coordinate, evaluate and manage the response to the damage caused by the hurricane fiona in The Seibo and delivered a first batch of the aid for those affected by the phenomenon, it also provided a series of heavy equipment that will immediately be used in the cleaning of avenues, streets and roads.

The municipal official visited the main municipality yesterday together with a multidisciplinary work team and, together with the commission made up of the governor of the province, Irene Martínez, senator Santiago Zorrilla and mayor Leo Francis Zorrilla, coordinated the distribution of thousands of food rations, 100 refrigerators, 100 stoves, 100 cabins and 100 beds with their mats, 100 washing machines and 50 tanks of liquefied petroleum gas. Through a protocol of priorities, this commission will take the aid to the shelters and areas affected by the hurricane.

After a tour of different parts of the province to assess the damage caused by the hurricane fionaVíctor D’Aza has the task of coordinating with the other authorities of the central government the recovery work of the city that was devastated by the natural phenomenon.

The disaster left the city visibly affected, with thousands of people without electricity, without homes and without drinking water. Víctor D´Aza, together with the other authorities, flew over the destroyed areas, some villages whose buildings were made of wood were completely destroyed by the wind that blew at more than 150 kilometers per hour, while dozens of people in vulnerable communities had to be displaced.

Víctor D’ Aza and the commission began the damage assessment in the vulnerable areas of The Seibo ranging from destroyed houses, collapsed roofs, felled trees, flooding in the main streets, partial destruction of the legendary Miches pier, among other damages that will be accounted for in the future.

The Municipal League established a permanent commission in the place, headed by the Undersecretary of Management and Municipal Technical Assistance, in order to execute and supervise the actions that are carried out there as of today to recover the city.

Meanwhile, Senator Santiago Zorrilla stressed that with the rapid intervention of the government, it is expected that the energy system in the province will be restored in a short time. Meanwhile, Governor Irene Martínez valued the rapid response of the government to assist people in need.

At one in the afternoon, the visit of President Luis Abinader is expected, who began a tour of the areas of the country affected by Fiona.

In Maria Trinidad Sanchez

Equally responsible is the president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu), Kelvin Cruz, who coordinates actions with the mayors and district directors of the María Trinidad Sánchez province to seek solutions to the damage caused by the hurricane fiona.

The also mayor of La Vega was appointed by President Luis Abinader as coordinator to carry out these efforts.

At the meeting, Junior Peralta, mayor of Naguaexplained that one death has been reported in the district of Matanzas, as well as the destruction of dozens of homes and some sectors are still flooded, such as the Miguel Yanguela neighborhood, felled trees and damage to the ornate, but affirmed that it has been possible to enable the step of Nagua to Cabrera.

He thanked President Abinader for appointing Kelvin Cruz as a liaison to go to the aid of that province. “This is a meeting that will help the province return to normality as soon as possible,” Peralta stressed.

On his side, the mayor of Cabrera, Marlon Arias, reported that his community is without electricity, with many houses affected and some telephone operators are not fully operational.

Likewise, the president of Fedomu, who was accompanied by the executive director of the Federation, Laura Reyes, designated several commissions to travel to the places where this atmospheric phenomenon generated the most impact. “This visit consists of a visit without protocols, to which we came to coordinate the response of the State in this María Trinidad Sánchez province,” she said.

Also participating in the meeting were Gregoria Correa, provincial governor of María Trinidad Sánchez; Mercedes Ortiz, mayor of Salcedo and president of the Union of Dominican Municipal Women (Unmundo); Marlon Arias, mayor of Cabrera; Oscar Amargos; Deputy Minister of Education.

Leo Carola, mayor of Villa Riva; Ramón Duarte Jiminian, in charge of the Education Regional Office 1401; Melvin Ramírez, regional coordinator of Fedomu Nordeste; the deputies Napoleón López and Jorge Cavoli; Franklin Difó, representative of the Civil Defense.

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