MPT criticizes the removal of the gender perspective from education

MPT criticizes the removal of the gender perspective from education

The doctor Fulgencio Severinopresident and presidential candidate of the Homeland for All Movement (TPM), considered that eliminating the gender perspective of the pre-university educational system by the Ministry of Education “It is another of the lies and deceit of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and President Luis Abinader.”

He said that the promise that the current President of the Republic and the PRM made during the electoral campaign to work for gender equality has been trampled on, first with the refusal to decriminalize the three causes and now the elimination of the gender perspective on the education pre-college

“This new outrage against women and their organizations demonstrates the conservative and anti-people character of the current government, its president and party,” added Severino.

He explained that with “this slap in the face of the struggle of Dominican society” and in particular the feminist organizations, the government and his party promote the femicide and violence against women.

the lack of education on gender equality in the capacities to carry out certain functions promotes the perverse idea of ​​women as the property of men, the main cause of femicide in the country, refers to a press release.

Also the absence of a education with gender perspective It is the cause of sexual violence against women because it promotes their guilt for the way they dress and makes them believe that they approve of said violence, leaving the rapists without social and judicial punishment.

Severino calls on the social and feminist organizations of the country, as well as the militants of the TPM to reject this policy of abuse against women of the current government.

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