MotoGP compensa a los fans abriendo el viernes el 'pit lane'

MotoGP compensates the fans by opening the ‘pit lane’ on Friday

Friday’s day of the Argentine GP will not go unheeded for the fan who travels to the Termas de Río Honda circuit. In spite of the lack of activity on the track, because of the boxes with material from the teams that have stayed in Mombasa (Kenya), due to the breakdown of two planes, Dorna and the promoter of the Argentine event are preparing actions with which to compensate the fan who had a ticket for on Friday.

According to the meetings held so far, the icing on the cake will be the opening of the pit lane to fans for an hour and a half for a massive pit walk. It is a walk through the pit lane to the day of champions that was so successful in the past, for example, on Thursdays of the Catalan GP.

It is expected that there will be drivers in the pits so that the fans can see them up close, but the signing of autographs is not planned due to the COVID-19 protocol. Yes there will be an exhibition of the motorcycles already present in the pits and a couple of shows, one of aerial acrobatics and another of freestyle. It will be the way to try to compensate the fan with a ticket and a perfect appetizer for a Saturday day that is more stressful and exciting than ever.

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