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More than 500 children and adolescents will have their day with their new family

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The Provincial Agency for Children and Adolescents in Buenos Aires reported that in the last year 525 minors graduated from official or agreed establishments to live with new families.

The figures come from the Unified Statistical Registry of Children and Adolescents (Reuna) that analyzed expenditures between August 2021 and this month, taking the celebration of Children’s Day as a reference point, it said in a statement.

“We have registered a slight increase, from 496 to 525, in guards with respect to the same previous cycle”, indicated the executive director of the Provincial Agency for Children and Adolescents, Germán Urman, and pointed out: “Although the cold number does not It seems significant, for those of us who work on this, each child who achieves a discharge for guardianship and then an adoption is an enormous satisfaction and a right that we are restoring”.

The report indicated that of the 525 registered in the last 12 months counting from Children’s Day in 2021 to the present, there are 264 girls and adolescent women and 261 men.

In addition, he explained that regarding ages, 220 are from 0 to 5 years old, 219 from 6 to 11 and only 85 from 12 to 17 years old.

“Adoption, which we consider perhaps the greatest act of love that exists, has historically been governed by an issue that we must work on together with the entire society: the desire of the would-be adopters to have a baby or a child, which reaches almost 90 percent and on the contrary less than 5 percent have adoptive availability for a pre-adolescent or adolescent”, said Urman.

In addition, he indicated that “another real problem to solve is to shorten the deadlines, although we must also demystify the issue a bit.”

In this sense, he stressed that “adopting a child or a group of siblings has stages that cannot be skipped or rushed and also here it is not about finding a girl or boy to satisfy the wishes of a couple or an adult, no matter how that it is perhaps the greatest act of love in the world; on the contrary, what is sought is to find the right person to fulfill the desire and the right of the kids to live as a family”.

“We start from the child as a subject of rights and not the other way around,” added the official.

The deadlines are divided into three key moments: first, the construction of the link between the girl, boy and adolescent and the family with temporary meetings, a moment in which the System for the Promotion and Protection of Rights, through the Zonal and Local Services, which coordinates the Organism fulfills one of its key roles here through professional accompaniment.

The Local Services have a technical team with psychologists, lawyers, social workers, among others.

Then, in a second stage, if the judge so decides, the guardianship begins where the applicants will be in charge of the care and upbringing of the child and adolescent.

And finally, the completion of the trial or adoption process.

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