Nahum Fernández highlights the participation of the Psuv militancy

Nahum Fernández highlights the participation of the Psuv militancy

The Venezuelan people participate in an extraordinary way this Saturday in the election of the street bosses of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), as a way to revive the struggle for the well-being of all, said the vice president of Mobilization of the party Nahum Fernandez.

“Extraordinary, an impressive act of our people in all the streets of the municipalities, what we see is an overflow of the people of how our people assume the process as a participatory, leading and assembly act,” he said.

He said that the promoters have taken on the challenge and established with a clear dynamic the election of street bosses, a sample of everything that Venezuelans have learned from the electoral processes, AVN reported.

“People are deciding who should accompany their struggles and with this day the dynamic is gigantic”, and as the call has been wide, they estimate to increase participation, compared to the choice of promoters last Saturday.

The statements were made during a tour of the Antímano parish, where there are 1,351 streets in 209 communities, and this August 20 they are renewing their street leadership.

Likewise, he stressed that the street bosses are going to order the new method of 1×10 of Good Government to connect directly with the people and their needs.

This August 20, the heads of the 269 thousand 730 streets georeferenced by the party will be elected, and on the 27th, assemblies are scheduled to be held to choose those from the community, while on September 3, the Units of Battle Bolívar-Chavez (UBCH).

Successful day of election of street chiefs in communities of Caracas

The sectoral vice president of Regional and Municipal Affairs of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Carmen Meléndez, indicated: “We have a party with a high awareness (…) it has been a successful assembly that has taken place throughout Caracas, so far. there is no news”, refers the state channel.

The also PSUV Link in Caracas explained that the population is happy in this democratic and leading participation, which took place in the largest parish in the capital city. “The population of this parish is 25 percent of the streets of Caracas. We have 13 thousand 662 streets and this parish has 3 thousand 433 streets, this process with the promoters is important”.

Meléndez assured that at the end of the afternoon the steps of the process in this election of the street bosses will be fulfilled, in such a way that the transparency of the elections of the grassroots leaders of the structures of the red awning is guaranteed.

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