Monday, August 15 is a non-working day in Arequipa

Monday, August 15 is a non-working day in Arequipa

This Monday August 15 is the anniversary of Arequipa and according to article 8 of law 724875 this date is a non-working Civic Day, for which a paid rest for those who work in the public and private sectors.

From the Regional Management of Labor and Employment Promotionor report that this non-working day only includes the province of Arequipa and not the entire region, because it is celebrated on 482 Anniversary of the Spanish Foundation from the city.

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Those who work that day, employees can request rest another day as compensationdepending on the agreement reached with the employer.

Unlike holidays in the calendar, employers or companies are not required to contribute double remuneration, but if to compensate them with a break.

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