"Modeling is not just runway and a pretty face"

“Modeling is not just runway and a pretty face”

The model Mabelin Rodríguez spoke about her Aquarius Arts Academy and her new project Caribbean Model

The idea of ​​doing a fashion show had always been in the mind of the model and director of the Acuario Arts Academy, Mabelin Rodríguez, but she had not found someone who would give her the support to carry it out on a large scale.

That moment came. On the 13th of this month, Mabelin developed her Caribbean Model fashion show together with eight designers (six national and two international), 20 models and 32 sponsors.

He emphasizes that during the process he had to make the way. “Organizing this event was not easy at all. When we start with the idea and the process, we knock on doors. Many people said yes, however, when the time came, then they closed them to me, ”said Mabelin in an interview with elCaribe.

It reveals that those who gave him a yes, for the most part, are young entrepreneurs who have a new project.

Your support for young talent

The young woman narrates that she has been a model for several years and in the same way that the doors were opened to her, she wanted to support young talent. “I wanted it to be something that they could grow and develop into,” she explained.

For her, modeling is not just a catwalk and a pretty face, but a discipline that is useful in all areas of life.

“This world, in addition to giving you classes as a model, offers the opportunity for refinement, which is useful for every woman,” she said.

Your start

About his beginnings, he confesses that beyond wanting to be a model or top model, he wanted to refine himself. Her first steps in this art were when she was 13 years old and little by little she found what she truly wanted to do. “As we get to know and learn, one is more inclined towards one area than the other. The one I was most inclined towards was teaching in the world of modeling, ”she highlighted.

While studying at the Glamor Models Agency, its director, Inocencia de la Cruz, gave her the opportunity to teach what she knew to the other girls.

“So, I liked teaching. I am a teacher… I work with children,” she said. It is because of that passion and love that the Acuario Arts Academy was born, which he defines as a clean platform where children and young entrepreneurs with a desire to excel start.

Opportunities as a model

She confesses that she had the opportunity to participate in many pageants such as Miss Tropical 2015, where she was proclaimed queen. “Being queen is not really what I am most passionate about. Seeing myself as miss, which is a great privilege, is not my dream. I like more that I can work with the models and that they are the ones who can achieve their dreams in the world of catwalks, “she said.


According to Mabelin, what a queen learns is diverse. For example, she mentions etiquette and protocol, good manners, mastery of the stage, theater, speech, which prepares them for life. “Anything the child does outside the house, baseball, painting, etc., she is going to develop it both physically and psychologically.”

For a country with more academies

Mabelin wants and advocates that in every part of the country there are academies to promote art for children and young people. “They will say tomorrow: I thank that person or academy with whom I was able to develop my talent.”

He adds: “Many times in the neighborhoods we do not find academies where children can train, and the few that exist are very expensive or far away. There are many children in the neighborhoods with a lot of talent that must be exploited so that our country can move forward and grow, ”he asserted, emphasizing that this must be an effort by our authorities, both by the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Culture.

How is Mabelin defined in one word?

The model Mabelin Rodríguez said that if it were defined in one word, it would be persevering. “I am persevering, because my process has not been easy. I’ve been through a lot, but I’m an eagle, and it’s up to me to stay or fly.”

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