Minsa confirms that vaccination against COVID-19 will not be mandatory for returning to classes

Minsa confirms that vaccination against COVID-19 will not be mandatory for returning to classes

Director of Immunizations María Elena Martínez, informed the public that vaccination against It will not be mandatory for schoolchildren to return to .

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However, he recommended that parents allow their children to be protected, since vaccines have been shown to be safe and effective in counteracting the most severe forms of the disease.

“The pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the Peruvian educational system due to the closure of educational centers decreed to contain its advance, for which a safe return to face-to-face classes is essential”he pointed.

He also explained that although vaccination is not mandatory for schoolchildren, “We call on parents to allow their children to go to vaccination centers and trust in the safety and efficacy of these”assured the lawyer Martínez.

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The director made this clarification while supervising the vaccination sweeping strategy in different points of Metropolitan Lima and Callao with the purpose of closing gaps in the population that has a pending dose against the COVID-19.

Return to school with or without vaccination

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education, Rosendo Sernastated that the return to classes of children and adolescents in the country will not be conditioned to anything, all will return to school whether or not they have been vaccinated against the COVID-19.

“There is no condition for them to go back to school. Children will go back to school without any restrictions, whether they are vaccinated or not, they will enter school “he detailed.

the owner of the minedu made it clear that there will be no conditioning for the return to the classroom and although it is ideal that the entire educational community is protected against COVID-19the necessary efforts will be made to bring the vaccination process closer to schools.

“What is going to happen is that the school is going to become a vaccination center. Students with the authorization of their parents are going to be vaccinated in each educational institution and I know that we are going to advance much faster there”he underlined.

He indicated that teachers have very high levels of vaccination and that it will undoubtedly reach 100% in the short term. “They are 97% vaccinated, with both doses. And we’re getting to 70% to 80% from the third dose. If we manage to reach (the 100% goal) before March 28, it will be important”He told Canal N.

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Minsa confirms that vaccination against COVID-19 will not be mandatory for returning to classes

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