7 Ecuadorians evacuated by Mexico from Europe arrive

7 Ecuadorians evacuated by Mexico from Europe arrive

The trip was coordinated between Ecuador and Mexico. In Europe there are still some 300 Ecuadorians, including some in Ukraine, still trapped by the war.

Seven Ecuadorians who on Friday (March 4, 2022) arrived at mexico evacuees in a humanitarian flight of that country that left from Bucharest (Romania)arrived in Quito, reported the Foreign Ministry early this Sunday (March 6).

According to Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguín, together with the Ecuadorians their families arrived, because the mexican flight it also transported two Ukrainian women.

The seven Ecuadorians joined the 203 who arrived on Saturday (March 5) in the country at second humanitarian flight hired by Ecuador and the 246 who had arrived on Friday at the first flight of that type chartered by Quito.

At second humanitarian flight from Ecuador Six Colombians also arrived, in a gesture of solidarity with the neighboring country, the Foreign Ministry reported.

There are still around 300 Ecuadorians scattered throughout different Eastern European countries where they arrived in search of an emergency exit to leave Ukraineas well as some Ecuadorians in Ukraineincluding Diego Moncayo, who is trapped near the border with Russia. EFE

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