Ministry of Health recommends the use of face masks in closed spaces

Ministry of Health recommends the use of face masks in closed spaces

The government recently terminated the health emergency measure that was implemented after the arrival of the first cases of covid-19 in the country. However, in Colombia there are still cases of the virus and deaths from this cause.

Even in recent days there has been an increase in infections. That is why the Ministry of Health issued this Tuesday, July 5, a series of recommendations so that citizens do not abandon the use of the mask in closed spaces.

However, the measure is voluntary since the entity a few months ago removed the mandatory nature of the measure. His statement is added to that of the health authorities to complete the schemes of vaccination against covid-19 and apply the reinforcement doses according to the indications of the Health portfolio.

The latest reports from hospital systems and the epidemiological monitoring of the National Institute of Health (INS) have shown that cases of covid-19 have been increasing in the country, mainly from the new subvariants of omicron.

Following this, the Ministry of Health warned of a possible peak of the pandemic in the national territory.

In this regard, the deputy minister of public health and provision of services, Germán Escobar, pointed out that “The recommendation is especially important given that Colombia is currently experiencing a peak of respiratory infections, largely due to the rainy season that is experienced in most of the country.”.

The senior official also said that it is important to see not only the increase in cases but also of the deceased. For this reason, he urged that citizens go to the vaccination posts as soon as possible.

“These figures make it necessary for us to make a strong recommendation today to use the face mask in closed spaces, where there are crowds, when we go to visit or if we live with older people or with comorbidities,” the deputy minister requested.

The recommendation is made even for the cities and municipalities that meet the vaccination goals A few months ago, the measure of mandatory use of masks in closed spaces was lifted.


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