RJ drivers can request the renewal of their CNH online

Drivers who have to renew their National Driver’s License (CNH) in Rio de Janeiro no longer need to make a prior appointment at the stations to request the service. The Traffic Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Detran-RJ) made available this week the simplified license renewal service, which can be done directly at the Digital Post. Users must attend the stations only to take a new photo and to collect biometrics.RJ drivers can request the renewal of their CNH onlineRJ drivers can request the renewal of their CNH online

The CNH renewal request can be made through the platform Digital Post. After providing the required data, the driver must indicate a Detran-RJ unit to take the digital photograph and biometrics, and to later withdraw the document. Face-to-face attendance will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Through the Digital Post, the driver will be informed of the address of the medical clinic where he will take the physical and mental fitness exam.

Drivers who have a previous CNH issued in Rio de Janeiro and current domain in the state can take advantage of the facility. In addition, it is not allowed to request the change of data from the previous portfolio, only the inclusion of information on remunerated activity. For those who do not meet these requirements, it will continue to be mandatory to schedule the service in advance at a Detran post.

Drivers up to 64 years of age can access the simplified renewal tab on Posto Digital at any time. For those aged 65 and over, the service will only be available when there are 90 days left before the renewal term expires. Remembering that drivers aged 65 and over are exempt from the Single Document of the Detran de Collection (Duda). The request for renewal online is not mandatory, and can be requested directly at the stations for those who choose to do so.

The Digital Post was launched by Detran-RJ last year. In addition to the license renewal service, the platform allows you to perform procedures and obtain documents, such as the Authorization for Transfer of Vehicle Ownership (ATPV-e) and obtain the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV). It is also possible to query data on the validity, category and number of points on the CNH.

*Intern under the supervision of Mario Toledo

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