Minister Yelitze Santaella did not attend the teachers during her visit to Zulia

The Minister of Education was received in Zulia by the former mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova (PSUV). He visited the Ipasme facilities

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The Minister of Education, yelitze santaellawas in the state of Zulia this Friday, March 17, and did not attend the entity’s teachers, who found out through the media about the official’s visit.

Since the beginning of the year, the teachers have been fighting for the Venezuelan authorities to increase the salary, the amount of which makes it unsustainable to cover the expenses of food, services, tickets, among others.

However, Santaella stated last Friday, March 10, that he will not sign the collective contract because there are no financial resources for a salary increase.

Santaella made an inspection in the Ipasme

The official, who arrived in Zulia and was received by the former official mayor, Willy Casanova, visited the facilities of the Institute for Social Welfare and Assistance for the personnel of the Ministry of Education (Ipasme), to “continue providing quality health to the Venezuelan teachers,” He expressed through his Twitter account.

In this sense, the teachers’ coalition of the Zulia region expressed that it does not feel that the Minister has any intention of finding a solution regarding the remuneration of teachers.

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Given this, Cirilo Canales, president of the National Federation of Colleges and Unions of Professional Education Workers in Venezuela, indicated that before Santaella’s visit they were not taken into account and he does not see a positive attitude to reach a consensus to seek agreements and resolve the wage dispute.

The same situation occurred last Thursday, March 16, when Santaella visited the state of Apure. There he also did not receive the teachers who gathered at the Francisco Lazo Martí high school in San Fernando where he went to an institutional act.

However, once she finished her speech, her security personnel took her out from the back of the high school without the teachers being able to approach her.

For this reason, Canales assured that they will remain in the streets until they receive a response from the Ministry of Education and achieve a salary increase.

On Thursday 16, Minister Santaella made a call Urge teachers to put their “consciences” above “their material interests”, in order to dismiss the demands for better salaries that keep teachers on the streets.

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