Face to face

Face to face

-The cult of personality is defined as excessive adoration and adulation of a caudillo or charismatic leader, especially if it is a head of state. It is also considered a massive phenomenon of follow-on, adulation, and constant obedience to the leader of a certain movement or class. It is also characterized by the uncritical attitude of those who follow the boss on duty, and by sectarian and hostile behavior towards those who do not obey. Flattery is a common practice in dictatorial, populist and non-democratic countries.

– Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, Benito Mussolini in Italy, Juan D. Perón in Argentina, the Castros in Cuba, Chávez in Venezuela and Kim Jong-un in North Korea embody figures with a forced cult of personality. In Bolivia, the most emblematic case of flattery and figureism is that of Evo Morales in his long term. He even has a personal museum in his native Orinoca at the expense of the national treasury. Luis Guillermo Solís, president of Costa Rica in 2014, prohibited the use of his name in public works and the hanging of his portrait in government offices. He considered the cult of the president’s image as “a thing of the past.”

-The Government has just abrogated the DS that prohibited the use of the image of authorities in public works and offices. The norm had been promulgated during the Presidency of Jeanine Áñez. In this way, good money will be spent so that the photos of “brother” Lucho, of “vice” Choquehuanca and those of the ministers can even be seen in the soup and his ego receives a stimulating massage.

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