Minister José Gavidia denies a family trip with his daughters and is justified in the agreed visitation regime

Minister José Gavidia denies a family trip with his daughters and is justified in the agreed visitation regime

Defense Minister, denied having made a family trip to Huánuco with his daughters and justified his decision to take them to an official activity in that region by an agreed visitation regime.

In his Twitter account, the head of the Mindef rejected the report of the Sunday ‘Punto Final’ and said that it was a work trip to attend an important work agenda commissioned by the president peter castle.

“When I made this trip, I had to take my daughters, because on the aforementioned date I was in charge of their care and at the same time I had to carry out my work as an authority. I could not avoid my responsibility as a father, according to an agreed visitation regime “he wrote on the social network.

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He explained that the trip began on Sunday the 13th in the afternoon, since the activities in Huánuco began early on Monday the 14th, and the return was scheduled for that day at the end of the work. However, they were only able to return to Lima first thing in the morning on Tuesday the 15th due to bad weather.

“The travel expenses and other expenses generated by my daughters were assumed entirely by me. Like thousands of men and women who must take their children to their workplaces, I made the request to take them in order to take care of them and safeguard their integrity.”he underlined.

Finally, for the sake of transparency, Gavidia announced that it will make itself available to any authority that requires more information on the subject. “My roles as a father of a family and as an official at the service of the country are inseparable”sentenced.

As it is recalled, ‘Punto Final’ accessed the passenger lists of official flights and, in that of Minister Gavidia, found the names of his three daughters. The trip took place on Monday March 14 of this year to the Huánuco region.

Gavidia was transferred by a Fokker aircraft with plate AE-565 until the opening of the school year in a school in Huánuco, however, according to the Sunday, the ceremony only lasted 3 hours while the stay of the head of the Mindef lasted for three days and nights.

The report indicated that the names of Gavidia’s three daughters appeared on the passenger list for that trip, including two minors and one 31-year-old.


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