Minister Falero announced “372 kilometers” of “double track from Colonia to Rocha”

According to the press conference “the investment in 2022 will be 905 million dollars, which represents about 2.5 million dollars per day. The figure marks a historical record. This investment will allow raising the standard of the road network to face the current traffic flow and future demands, accompanying the economic growth of the country”.

The work plan presented highlights the creation of the double track from Colonia to Rocha, which covers “372 kilometers”.

In detail, of “the 8,800 kilometers of the road network, some 7,600 will be intervened, which represents more than 80% of the road network under construction. Maintenance works will be carried out on 4,400 kilometers, in about 2,600 there will be a change of standard and there will be 600 kilometers of new construction, which will increase the country’s road assets,” said Falero.

The minister announced the end of the ballast routes. “Currently there are 375 kilometers in these conditions, which will undergo a double bituminous treatment with cement stabilization, to have a greater guarantee of its durability.”

Another novelty is the investment in bridges. In this period, works will be carried out on 227 bridges, distributed in 32 routes in all departments. Most of them need to be widened and reinforced, to tolerate the load levels that circulate throughout the country. New bridges will also be built to connect more points in the territory.

Likewise, the plan focuses on road safety works. The government aims to reduce traffic accidents and for this it is essential to have an adequate network. 100 new roundabouts, 10 interchanges and 71 kilometers of third lanes will be built. The investment will be 118 million dollars. See all investments in images:

National Road Infrastructure Plan 2020 – 2025 (9)

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