Miners trapped in Cormidom mine are alive

The Communications Officer of the Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom)Elizabeth Mena, communicated this Sunday afternoon that the process of rescuing the two continues miners trapped in a collapse while they were working on the Cerros de Maimon minelocated in the Monseñor Nouel province.

“We continue to communicate with them constantly, and we are working with the families and working safely with the rescuers, they are in very good condition,” Mena said.

Express Free Journalby telephone, that from now on they will hold a press conference to offer more information on the process, however, he clarified that the focus is on rescuing them and giving support to the relatives because it is a very difficult moment for them.

“We are coordinating the press conference after Mr. Paul Marko, who is traveling back to the country, can be updated on everything that has happened, we will be reporting the details to the press, we are giving full support to the family, we want to focus on the family, these are very difficult times where we have to take the information to them first than anyone else,” said the mining company’s public relations officer.

He assured that the institution’s commitment is “that we immediately have information to deliver, we will immediately send it to the media.”

about the identity of the miners have only been reported to be a Colombian and a Dominican, both employees of long time in the mentioned mining company Cerros de Maimón. Mena said that 85% of the permanent employees are from the Maimón community.

The miners were trapped in the early hours of this Sunday after a collapsereported earlier in a press release the Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom).

The rockfall occurred at level 215 of the underground mine. The miners they were working 95 meters from the impacted area. The company said that fortunately they are alive.

“We have had the first signs of communication with them via the pipe system and they are well and in good spirits,” they reported in the statement released on their social networks.

Cormidon said he is working to improve communication with the two workers and establish food and water supplies. He also stated that the corporation’s rescuers “work at the fastest pace to access the affected area in order to reinforce and secure the impact zone.”

He assured that the rescue work is carried out in compliance with the security protocols and safeguarding the integrity of these and the operating personnel.

Second landslide

This is the second accident that has occurred in the aforementioned mine in the last year. On December 7, 2021, a collapse in the excavation of said mine it cost the life of the worker José Manuel Fernández Martínez (Papo).

Cerro de Maimon Concession

The Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom) is a Dominican branch company of the Australian company Perilya.

It is the holder of the C-1 Cerro de Maimón Mining Block concession, covering an area of ​​2,245 mining hectares, where it operates an open-pit copper and zinc mine, with an approximate reserve of 6 million tons of gold and copper.

The concession was acquired from Falconbridge Dominicana in April 2002. Cormidomas the holder of a concession, is governed by the provisions of Law No. 146-71.

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