Mindef and Mininter speak out after attacks on the Juli district police station

Mindef and Mininter speak out after attacks on the Juli district police station

The Ministries of Defense and the Interior issued a statement after the latest attacks perpetrated in the judicial headquarters in the district of Juli in the province of Chucuito.

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In the text, they express their rejection of the violent attacks carried out by vandals at the local police station, where they caused a fire in part of the infrastructure. In addition, they are held responsible for having endangered the 47 police officers who were inside.

“Despite the fact that the officer in charge of the police station tried to establish a dialogue, the attackers continued their acts of violence for more than three hours,” he says.

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Likewise, the report of 10 wounded policemen, who were transferred by military helicopter to receive medical attention, is reported. Seven civilians were also injured and treated at the Rafael Ortiz Ravines Hospital.

In the same way, they condemned the damage caused to the Headquarters of the Judiciary and the fires caused to the vehicles belonging to the police station, Police personnel and the military patrol.

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