Militants of Comunes question the nomination of Gerardo Flores as Seremi in the O’Higgins region: they accuse pressure from the deputy Mix

Militants of Comunes question the nomination of Gerardo Flores as Seremi in the O'Higgins region: they accuse pressure from the deputy Mix

Controversy has generated in Commons the appointment of Gerardo Flores as Seremi of Sport in the O’Higgins region. Given this, a group of party members have sent a letter to the board criticizing the situation, accusing the deputy, claudia mix -Flowers partner-, to exert pressure in the nomination.

“We regret this situation and we hope that this is not a practice that we have rejected from our origin and that represents the cuoteo and nepotism that we must retire in Chilean politics,” indicates the letter sent to the national directive and the government installation commission of the community.

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“With surprise we saw the appointment of Gerardo Flores, representing Comunes, a name that we do not know to date, he has not participated in the party or our coalition in the region,” they maintain in the letter.

“As he was not identified in the region by the political actors of Approvebo Dignidad and as he did not participate in the presidential campaign or in any other candidacy of ours in the region, we proceeded to request information about him from our colleague in the installation commission of Government and we were able to find out that he was part of the municipal administration of DC Alberto Undurraga in Maipú and who is currently a partner of Deputy Claudia Mix,” the text points out.

On this accusation, the parliamentarian indicated that “he is a militant that the directive supported in his nomination and that is what matters today. He is a professional who has lived and worked in the region for years.”

Board support for Flores

This afternoon, the national directorate of Comunes sent an email response to the group of militants who made the complaint, expressing that it was the militants themselves who proposed Flores to take office.

“For the nomination of seremias there were different ways of sending information: either through regional directorates, regional agreements with other parties or with sponsorships from militants. In this sense, comrade Gerardo Flores was proposed by fellow militants. Bearing that in mind, The name of the partner was taken into consideration along with his background and his CV. He has work experience in the region, added to considerable work experience, and that caused him to be considered by the government to assume a SEREMI, “they expressed from the national directive.

In addition, the board of directors specified the militants to contact the seremi to ask themselves the corresponding questions.

Flores worked as manager of the program for the elderly in the Municipality of Mostazal.


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