Criminal organization intends to attack the prosecutor Angélica Monsalve: Prosecutor's Office

Criminal organization intends to attack the prosecutor Angélica Monsalve: Prosecutor’s Office

The Attorney General’s Office reported this Monday that it received an alert from the SIU-DIJIN Special Investigation Unit of the National Police, according to which a criminal organization intends to carry out a possible attack to affect the physical integrity of the prosecutor Angélica Monsalve.

Monsalve is the prosecutor who had claimed that she would be transferred to Putumayo for advancing a process in which she charged former Bogotá councilor Felipe Ríos Londoño. and two other members of his family for the alleged commission of crimes such as violation of the legal regime of disabilities and incompatibilities in competition with improper interest in the execution of contracts.

According to the investigative entity, this same Monday he contacted prosecutor Monsalve to inform her of the situation, adding that he ordered, through the Directorate of Protection and Assistance of the Attorney General’s Office, the assignment of a scheme of immediate, preventive, and extraordinary protection.

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“The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation reiterates before public opinion that it does not accept any interference in the exercise of the function of its Prosecutors and always protects all its servants in situations that endanger their lives and integrity,” added the Office of the Prosecutor in a statement.

Regarding the transfer of prosecutor Monsalve to Putumayo, the Prosecutor’s Office had argued that it was not a question of any type of retaliation, but that the transfer joins the more than 3 thousand movements of officials that have been made during Francisco Barbosa’s administration, which have been ordered in response to the need to provide a better service to users.

Likewise, they insisted that prosecutors are autonomous in their decisions and the head of the accusing body Francisco Barbosa does not intervene in the investigations of his officials.

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