Miguel Mendoza celebrates his 30 years of chronicling sports in prison

Miguel Mendoza is on hunger strike for 13 days to be allowed to see his daughter

The sports writer and political prisoner miguel mendoza He is serving 13 days on a hunger strike, an extreme decision he took so that the police authorities allow him to see his eight-year-old daughter, Alejandra Mendoza.

In interview with Article 66Margin Pozo, life companion of the prisoner of conscience, expressed that “it is a very difficult and distressing situation because each day that passes, Miguel’s health and life are in more danger.”

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“A diabetic patient cannot stop eating. According to Diabetologists, it could cause fainting,” the journalist, who has only been able to visit him 10 times since he was kidnapped on June 21 by the Ortega Police and held in the cells of “El Nuevo Chipote,” said worriedly.

Miguel Mendoza has lost more than 30 pounds in prison and when he was presented in the courts of Managua he looked thin. His relatives denounced that he suffers from various illnesses that are not treated by a doctor.

Mendoza’s daughter has not seen him for 467 days

The sports journalist’s daughter celebrates this Saturday, October 1, 467 days of not seeing him. “She is a girl and she should not be psychologically tortured,” she points out with concern to her family.

For his part, Pozo said that his daughter, Alejandra Mendoza, is suffering from the absence of her father. She “she cries every day and expresses that her heart will not resist.”

Faced with the refusal of the dictatorship to allow Mendoza the right to see her daughter, her life partner, she asks the police and government authorities to “allow Alejandra to see her father. It’s a right she has.”

“She is a girl who only asks for a hug and a kiss from her father,” he stressed. After the absence of her father, the little girl has written messages that are published on the chronicler’s social accounts.

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As a result of the forced separation between the journalist and his daughter, for more than 15 months, the girl —according to her family— has developed anxiety by not having her father present and is “desperate” to see him.

The journalist and critic of the government of Daniel Ortega was captured on June 24, 2021, they found him guilty of the crimes of conspiracy to undermine national integrity and propagation of false news. The “evidence” was the posts on his Twitter account. He was sentenced to nine years in prison.

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