Mides will continue to support popular pots and picnic areas

The Ministry of Social Development (Mides) adopted two measures in support of popular pots and picnic areas, Minister Martín Lema announced on his Twitter. Through Uruguay Forward $67.5 million will be allocated in Montevideo and the Metropolitan Areato support for approximately four months to these services. For the interior of the country, the National Food Institute (INDA) will distribute 295,364 kilos of dry food to each administration. It will be made in two bi-monthly installments: one in May and the other in July, and will involve an investment of $25 million; reported to The Observer the director of the institute, Ignacio Elgue.

About the first stepLema explained to The Observer what an analysis had been developed in April, together with the Minister of Economy, Azucena Arbeleche, on the feasibility of extending support to pots. In this way, Lema trusts that the portfolio headed by the minister contribute resources for Uruguay Adelante, because “it was already on the table” before the end of the health emergency. Although, meanwhile, the funds come from Mides. According to what the minister communicated, the figure is $67.5 million for Montevideo and the Metropolitan Area. He also estimated which will entail support for four months.

On the other hand, Through INDA, 295,364 kilos of dry food will be sent, in two bi-monthly deliveries: one in May and the other in July, to each Inland Administration; he claimed Elgue. The measure falls under the Winter plan. The assortment includes noodles, oil, lentils, rice, tomato pulp, sugar and cocoa, explained the director. Each departmental government has the freedom to decide in which places it distributes them: pots, picnic areas, dining rooms, municipal, organizations that deliver food or gray hair. For its part, INDA only asks for some reports, such as how much they spend and how many beneficiaries they help.

This $25 million measure It was financed through a management last year with the Covid Fund, explained Minister Lema.

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