MiAmbiente will conduct a tour in communities of the Bri Bri people to learn about irregularities regarding indiscriminate logging

The Regional Director of the Ministry of the Environment (MiAmbiente) in Bocas del Toro, Daryellys Villarreal, responded to the complaint made by the Bri Bri people for alleged land occupation and indiscriminate logging in their community.

He stated that this complaint was not filed formally, but through WhatsApp on Monday.

“One of the complaints they made a few months ago is about a road from Las Delicias to Guabo de Yorkin, where they were acting without an environmental impact study. MiAmbiente paralyzed the project,” he said.

He announced that next week the entity will make a tour in the area to learn about the irregularities. “It has already been coordinated with the justice of the peace, Senafront to carry out this tour,” he remarked.

Regarding the occupation of land, the official stressed that this is Anati’s responsibility, since MiAmbiente is only in charge of ensuring the care and preservation of natural resources, hunting, logging, among others.

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