These are the most important news of April 20, 2022

These are the most important news of April 20, 2022

The Sandinista deputies canceled the legal personality of 25 non-governmental organizations, some dedicated to the defense of human rights and children and adolescents. The regime outlawed the Permanent Commission on Human Rights (PCHR), the only organization left in the country working legally in that area.

The argument of the Government and the Assembly is that the NGOs did not comply with their obligations and did not register as “foreign agents.” So far this year, the regime has closed more than 70 organizations, affecting a large part of the most disadvantaged population.

The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) identified more than 20 abuses of the law during the recent political trials against more than 40 opponents and union leaders.

In a report called “Nulted trials: an aberrant and cruel action of the Ortega Murillo regime”, the Cenidh identified at least eight violations of the Political Constitution and some 16 of human rights, as well as three types of irregularities against defenders. The agency described as “simulacra” the judicial processes carried out as of February of this year.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) considered this Thursday that Colombia has violated Nicaragua’s “sovereignty and jurisdiction” in its own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) by authorizing fishing activities in Nicaraguan waters, and ordered Bogotá to “cease immediate” his conduct.

In addition, by ten votes in favor and five against, the ICJ also sees this violation of sovereignty and jurisdiction by Colombia in its “interference with marine and fishing scientific research activities of vessels with a Nicaraguan flag or license and with operations of naval vessels” in Nicaraguan waters.

Within the framework of the fourth anniversary of the civic insurrection in Nicaragua, the International Human Rights Network (RIDH) held a virtual forum called “Nicaragua: Voices of Exile-Voices of Hope.”

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During the event, Nicaraguan defenders denounced the cancellation of another 25 NGOs in the country, as well as the continuity of government repression, the situation of political prisoners, migration and impunity. For their part, members of the European Parliament reiterated the need to continue supporting Nicaraguan society.

The United Kingdom recalled the brutal repression of the Nicaraguan regime against citizens who participated in the 2018 social protests. Through a tweet, the British minister, Vicky Ford, emphasized that, in response, the United Kingdom has sanctioned 14 Ortega officials for undermining democracy or human rights.

In turn, he warned that that nation will continue to press for the restoration of democracy and the release of political prisoners. One day before, USA He also recalled the violent repression exerted by the Nicaraguan authorities against the demonstrators.

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Nicaragua lost the opportunity to export the surplus of sugar towards the United States by being excluded by the Office of the Trade Representative of that country, which, according to businessmen, could be a political message directed at the Ortega regime.

Last week, the US government agency announced the quotas that were assigned to a group of 25 countries, which allows them to sell the product available in the United States. Nicaragua was not included in the reallocation of the additional sugar quota corresponding to fiscal year 2022, so it could lose 1.5 million dollars.

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