Mercedes Aráoz on the Councils in regions: "The State is not a space to advertise the president or the premier"

Mercedes Aráoz on the Councils in regions: “The State is not a space to advertise the president or the premier”

For the former Prime Minister these are events are a kind of political propaganda for the government of Y .

Why are Decentralized Councils important?

Normally they are coordinated with the governors, at the time of President García there were Decentralized Councils and also in the government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski that is not new. What is new is the disorder there is, the governors are notified at the last minute barely two days in advance, there are no minutes of the council of ministers and they are not prepared. The idea of ​​making a decentralized council is to listen to various voices, but in an orderly manner and you have to talk to the governors of the places where you go, because if you don’t take away their representativeness because they are elected people. Here what we see are councils of ministers where many things are promised that may not be executed and where, furthermore, the governor may not be able to execute. There is a whole design to make public policy projects with analysis that these projects are well done, today we don’t have that. Yes, it is a problem to have this disorder and the way of promising projects without policies and without the adequate legal system.

Are Decentralized Councils useful?

No, it seems more like a publicity and propaganda tool to remove my project from the Constituent Assembly or to say that they are founders of the country and everything that public officials have done in the last 200 years has not been useful at all when that it’s false. When in general they have made a post-truth because they generate a new narrative and repeat it, they repeat it so much without having evidence, but they do it.

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Who bears the cost of these Decentralized Councils, the regions, the governors?

The cost has to be assumed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers because the one that has the budget is the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and distribute it to the ministries to pay for hotels and tickets. Because it’s not just the ministers who go, the vice-minister advisers, people from the press, it’s like a very large hulk of expenses and if they do it every week, well, it has a high cost.

Is a false expectation being generated in the public?

Yes, in the citizens, in the authorities that promise them that they will have their investment projects resolved tomorrow, even if they are not budgeted. Remember that the budget was given in the month of November of last year and it is through that budget that new projects can be included, there was a deadline until March, but a change cannot be made on any date. Because if you didn’t mess up the budget. You can’t say today I’m building your bridge instead of the tracks and sidewalks that already had economic viability. They are making an over promise that is not going to be fulfilled and if you see those who need the most you are deceiving them. You cannot promise what you are not going to fulfill and what is not budgeted.

Do you think they are usurping Executive Gore and Executive MUNI?

Exactly, the GORES are spaces for dialogue to agree to make better public policy decisions and so do the executive MUNIs who listen to the voices of those who have been elected. Here in the Decentralized Councils of Ministers they bring the group that makes the most noise and that is sympathetic to Peru Libre. This is not a government advertising space. Because it is a public policy space. Today what we see is that the president says hey, Mr. Minister, you have to do such a thing, and the Mr. Minister nods and just says yes. No, because that’s not how the job is, the minister is not a secretary, the ministers bring public policy proposals for the development of their sector under the rules of the National Agreement, State policies and the Government’s work plan, which is then approved when the The prime minister announces the actions and they are approved when they trust him.

Is it then justified the expense that the Government makes today with these decentralized councils?

Not that way, because I say again it is taking authority away from the governors, they are complaining that they are surprised and they are given little notice in advance to prepare it correctly. The state is not a space to advertise the president or the premier.


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