Melodies of a nation to the rhythm of symphonic perico ripiao

Melodies of a nation to the rhythm of symphonic perico ripiao

Dominican vernacular music dressed up during the concert “Perico ripiao symphonic Melodies of a nation”, with which the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra celebrated its 60th anniversary.

The Cibao Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestro Ruddy Capellán, brought together the renowned merengue players Milly Quezada, Eddy Herrera, La India Canela, Robert Liriano, Francisco Ulloa and Krisspy, as well as the Catholic singer Betty Fernández and the former member of la Tuna of the PUCMM José Fernando Capellán, to offer a memorable night, in the facilities of the Cibao Fútbol Club stadium.

Prior to the merengue download, the Symphony played the songs “Los Toreadores”, from Georges Bizet’s Carmen Suite, and “Cedenia”, by the composer and keyboardist Deivit Landestoy, as an introduction, to then give way to the singer José Fernando Capellan, who belonged to the Tuna de la Pucmm, paying homage to Jhonny Ventura and Joseito Mateo with his powerful voice.

Immediately afterwards, the Santiago Folkloric Ballet came on stage, with its typical fantasy dance, to the rhythm of David David’s accordion.

When the queen of merengue, Milly Quezada, took the stage, interpreting

“Between your body and mine,” drew repeated applause from the public. Here she pronounced her first words of the night to express the honor of being able to celebrate these 60 years of Pucmm with the attending crowd. She continued her dedication with “Maybe” and “To give you my life”, joining here the merengue singer Krisspy, and before finishing performing “Vive”, she promised a beautiful night, with many surprises.

Eddy Herrera, who was studying architecture at Pucmm when Wilfrido Vargas discovered him, returned to his alma mater, but this time to sing, beginning with the song “Too romantic.” After this, he said he felt extremely proud of having been part of those 60 years of university history, to continue his dedication with the songs “Forever”, “If I ask him for it”, culminating with “Ajena”.

Symphonic ripiao merengue

The merengue ambassador Francisco Ulloa arrived on stage with “La cosquillita”, followed by his widely known song “El Higuerón”, culminating with “El Farolito”, making those present dance.

Another interpreter of typical music who showed his talents was Robert Liriano, a graduate of the Pucmm Systems and Computing degree, interpreting «Even if it pique», «I’m going to take it», «Cabecita loca», and the adaptation to merengue of the theme “A love that ends like this”.

The chords of her accordion announced the entrance of Mery Hernández, India Canela, who began her delivery by interpreting “El rancho”, followed by “A comer gallina”, before an audience that asked her to interpret various songs.

“What a joy that our ripiao parakeet has been chosen to celebrate this great party,” said Hernandez, to end up singing “Caña brava.”

Melodies of a nation to the rhythm of symphonic perico ripiao

Then Krisspy returned to the stage to the rhythm of the song “La va a pago”, followed by “Cuando Volveras” and “El Maiz”, and to close the night he was joined on stage by La India Canela and Robert Liriano, and together they played a potpourri of the popular typical meringues “La Mala Mañana”, “Yo te lo give”, “El Diente de Oro”, “Me la Voy a Robar”, and “A Comer Gallina”.

Chancellor’s Message

Prior to the start of the concert, an audiovisual was projected on a giant screen with a few words from the PUCMM rector, Father Sesilio Espinal through an audiovisual, where he highlighted the beginnings and advances of the university in these 60 years, being a reference at the national level. and international.


A very special moment of the night was when Catholic music singer-songwriter Betty Fernández, a Dominican resident in the United States, came on stage, worshiping God through her songs. She surprised those present by interpreting the first typical merengue written for the Lord, entitled “Sube, Sube”, accompanied by the Symphony and accordionist David David.

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