Minister Alex Contreras: "Probably this year poverty will not be reduced"

MEF: “The tourism sector is in recession”

The head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Alex Contreras, confirmed the stoppage of the and specified that investment has slowed down in the southern regions.

“Unfortunately I have to announce that tourism is in recession,” he said during a press conference in which he reported on the progress of the Con Punche Peru Plan.

In addition, he commented that the losses generated by the blockades and demonstrations have reached S/2,150 million and are focused on the southern part of the country. Despite this situation, he announced that work is already underway to reschedule loans in favor of affected companies.

In this context, he also announced that in the following days the MEF will announce the regional measures of Con Punche Peru.

“The reactivation needs to be widespread,” he said. However, he expressed concern about the economic activity of some regions.

“Investment is zero in the southern regions,” he added.


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