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I recently read a note published on BBC Mundo in which they referred to the high levels of insomnia suffered by the inhabitants of South Korea and the effect that returning to typical Buddhist traditions such as meditation could have.

Statistics indicate that around 100,000 Koreans are addicted to sleeping pills, which would make the situation an epidemic for that country.

The note continues indicating that this would not be the only challenge facing that Asian nation: it also has the highest suicide rate among developed nations, the highest consumption of hard liquor and a large number of people who take antidepressants.

Apparently, the fact that South Korea has gone from being a poor country to one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world in just a few years has taken its toll on the mental health and relationship with rest of its inhabitants.

One trend that particularly caught my attention has to do with the creation of an online meditation application that seeks to reincorporate this habit among the population, combining it with the benefits of technology.

Although South Korea is historically a Buddhist country, young people think of meditation as a pastime for older people, not something an office worker in Seoul might do. This has made it necessary to re-import and repackage meditation as a Western idea for young Koreans to find it attractive.

It is at least curious that meditation is considered something “new” in countries like Korea where it has been carved in their DNA since time immemorial, but it is also a clear sign that the path of meditation is a path that will always save us. of harmful results that economic development could have in preserving our mental health.

By the way, I write this note from the Heritage Madrid Hotel (belonging to the Relais & Chateau chain) while I prepare to go on the next journey of consciousness and where we have been treated with care and Spanish warmth that I thank with all my heart.

It comforts us to know that ancient and Buddhist cultures such as Korea and Vietnam, a country to which we are about to travel to experience a new edition of Cove Worldshave so much to contribute and teach us about spirituality, relaxation and peace of mind.

Traveling opens our eyes to the world and its infinite possibilities!

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