A new strike began that will last until 7:30 on line B and in the Premetro

A new strike began that will last until 7:30 on line B and in the Premetro

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A two-hour stoppage of activities, which will last until 7:30, began to take place this morning on line B of the subway and in the Premetro, called by the Union Association of Subway and Premetro Workers (Agtsyp) before “the lack of responses to operational security claims”.

This was ratified in a document signed by the head of that union entity, Roberto Pianelli, and the deputy secretary, Néstor Segovia, who founded the measure of force in “the lack of will on the part of the Emova company to solve the operational safety in the Premetro”.

“The company continues to ignore the claims and insists on not complying with the agreement signed in September 2021, when it promised to automate the Premetro track changes in 180 days. Emova insists that these tasks be carried out by the drivers, but this exceeds what contemplated in the collective agreement”, they affirmed in the text.

Meanwhile, from the company they maintained in a statement that “the conflict is due to the refusal of the drivers to carry out an operational maneuver (apply a button to change lanes), a task that has been part of their usual functions since 1995”, found in the Premetro Operating Regulation “whose compliance guarantees the security of the service”.

In addition, they added that the “operating system is in the process of being modernized and work has already begun to automate the operation of signals and track changes.”

Meanwhile, the union leaders added that the possibility that these tasks are carried out by drivers “risks the safety of workers and users,” for which they ratified the new force measures tomorrow as “self-defense.”

“It is about defending labor rights and the safety of workers and passengers, for which the union apologizes for the inconvenience,” they pointed out.

“As happened on April 18, 19, 20 and 26, today there will be new self-defense measures, this time on line B and the Premetro, between 5:30 and 7:30,” the “metrodelegados” reported.

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